Management Principles

“To be the group to collect the most ‘Thank you’ on the planet.”
 Responding to a changing society, we manufacture “Thank you,” aiming to collect the most number of word, “Arigato (Thank you)” on the planet. No matter how modest the means, Watami Group conducts business and aims to provide a positive influence to mankind and our planet as a corporate group.

■Our Goals (Raison d'etre)
 Corporations are more than organizations that only seek profit but are corporate citizens with social existence. Social existence and its continuity are secured through fulfilling the lifework and responsibility as a member of society.
 Since its inception, Watami, has set the corporate perspective of how our corporation and what our corporate image should be (Raison d'etre). This remains unchanged.
 We believe pursuing and implementing the obligations of raising corporateness (corporate principles) constitutes the factor for a corporation’s continuity

■The Common Management Philosophy of Watami Group
●Watami Group Slogan
“To be the group to collect the most ‘Thank you’ on the planet.”
●Watami Group Mission
For the betterment of humanity in people of the world, we build an even better environment and provide better opportunities.
●Our Objectives (Fundamental Management Objectives of Group Companies
“For prosperity of the Group, welfare of the staff, prosperity of our business partners, culture of innovation, progress of society and contribution to the welfare of mankind.”
●Work Motto
“From Zero”
“We work in 'open,honest,direct' manner.”
●Group Employee Work Attitude
To achieve common objectives of the Watami Group, there must be collectiveness in heart
1. Possess sense of inspiration
  Inspiration is the source of passion and passion is the starting point towards success.
1. Be un-pessimistic in adversity conditions, be un-optimistic in favorable conditions,
  always possess a hungry spirit and continue to challenge.
1. Fight till victory, pace past limits
 and results above all else.
1. Possess problem consciousness
  Problem finding and solving give rise to the next business chance.
1. Perseverance is strength.
  With daily effort sustained, faith grows and faith grows strength.
●Code of Conduct
Watami Group at work is always mindful of and practices the following the code of conduct, in keeping the Watami way.
Always humble and always grateful
1. Share the joys and sorrows of others
1. Keep to promises and tell no lies
1. Make no complaints and tell no gossip
1. Greet with spirit and a smile on the face
1. Never say never
1. Push no failure to others
1. Dare to say that can’t be done
1. Listen to others
1. Put away embarrassment