History of Overseas Business Expansion

July 2000 Watami (China) Co., Ltd. is established in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China.
Nov 2001 Ishokuya concept Watami Humphreys Avenue outlet opens in Hong Kong as the first overseas outlet.
Jan 2005 Watami F&B(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. Ishokuya concept Watami Mix-c outlet opens as the first outlet on the mainland of the People's Republic of China.
May 2005 Watami & Mercuries Co., Ltd. is established in Taiwan as a joint venture with Mercuries & Associates, Ltd.
Nov 2005 Ishokuya concept Watami Zhongxiao outlet opens in Taipei as the first outlet in Taiwan.
Dec 2005 Overseas operations division in Watami Co., Ltd, is established.
Apr 2007 Franchise outlet opens in Shanghai.
Apr 2007 Watami Tezukuri Chubo pre-cooking center, is established in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Jan 2008 First overseas outlet of Japanese Cuisine Watei opens in Dragon Center, Hong Kong
Jun 2008 Joint venture in Taiwan with Mercuries & Associates, Ltd is discontinued. Company name is changed to Taiwan Watami.
Sep 2008 Taiwan’s first Japanese Cuisine Watei outlet opens in Yanji, Taipei.
Nov 2008 The expansion of the overseas operations division in Watami Co., Ltd is discontinued. WATAMI INTERNATIONAL. Co. Ltd in Hong Kong is established.
Nov 2008 WATAMI FOOD SERVICE SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. is established in Singapore
July 2009 Japanese Causal Restaurant “Watami” ION Shop opened at Orchard Road as the 1st outlet in Singapore